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The expertise you need to stay ahead of the ever-steepening curve.

California Cities, Counties, and Districts are all responsible to provide the services needed in their communities. Whether it’s City Courts, Police & Fire Stations, or Libraries we feel a unique stewardship with the tax-payer monies that often fund these projects. From experience we have honed in on many of the unique needs and challenges that face our California communities — and it’s this knowledge which we use to propel the success, sustainability, and resiliency of our municipal projects. When it has to last a long time, or it has to run 24/7 — BMA is your trusted partner.

How We Can Help

  • Engineering design and permitting for Police and Fire Stations
  • Engineering design and permitting for ‘muni’ projects of all types and sizes.
  • Facility condition/operations/needs assessments
  • HVAC system upgrades and equipment replacements

Why BMA?

  • 25+ years of experience across 4,500+ projects.
  • Committed to bringing the highest level of competency to building systems design.
  • Deep understanding of California-specific standards.

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