Mixed Use & Multi-Family

Meeting dual design challenges with built-in convenience.

Call it new urbanism, or call it functional mix — either way, blending together housing and commerce is great for building neighborhoods and creating local connection. We love mixed use buildings because we often get to see each tenant space become the space where dreams are launched by local entrepreneurs. BMA has designed hundreds of mixed use, and low/mid-rise residential buildings — when your project needs to consider budget now, resident comfort and energy use always, and tenant convenience in the future then BMA is your trusted partner.

How We Can Help

  • Engineering design for new buildings and tenant improvements
  • Consulting for building envelope design and energy strategies
  • Design-build collaboration
  • HVAC system upgrades and mechanical equipment replacements

Why BMA?

  • 25+ years of experience across 4,500+ projects.
  • Deep understanding of California-specific standards.
  • Significant experience in mixed use and multi-family projects in California.
  • Committed to bringing the highest level of competency to building systems design.

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