Achieving the perfect combination of comfort and affordability.

Whether you are looking at a 300 room, 4-story, 5-star hotel or a small cafe downtown, the bottom line is that the only time people care about the mechanicals is when they don’t work. At BMA, we see our role in the commercial realm as one that looks to add value by being unnoticed — which also means being affordable and maintainable.

BMA brings experience, insight, and a spirit of collaboration to the table; when comfort and sustainability are important to your business — BMA is your trusted partner.

How We Can Help

  • Engineering design and permitting for new buildings, tenant improvements, and remodels
  • Design-build collaboration
  • Consulting for building envelope design and energy strategies
  • HVAC system upgrades and mechanical equipment replacement(s)
  • Project site assessments and feasibility studies

Why BMA?

  • 25+ years of experience across 4,500+ projects.
  • Specialized understanding of hotels/hospitality settings.
  • Committed to bringing the highest level of competency to building systems design.
  • Deep understanding of California-specific standards.

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